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The dream of feeding people wonderful cheeseburgers

Our multiple trips to the United States (business and private) have always been a big fan! Not only because it's a flight, and a new country, and vacation and shopping. But a lot because of the food, and more in the land of endless possibilities. 
One of the foods that most characterizes the United States is the classic American cheeseburger. that appears, is sold and eaten at every possible event or opportunity, almost everywhere you go on the vast map of the country.


Have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to taste all this infinite variety? 

So we tried, and after almost two months of experiential, rich and memorable tastings... 
We realized that there is simply no substitute for this classic dish that is made very carefully with very clear and strict rules! Combining taste, textures and exact balances between the ingredients to produce this perfect bite that brings with it the sublime taste.

And if we were to ask you - would you like to have the opportunity to taste all the decent hamburgers that the United States has to offer you?

After all our culinary (and not so) travels in the United States (of course there was also shopping in between, climbing skyscrapers and taking photos with an I LOVE NYC shirt against the background of Time Square) we returned to Israel and immediately missed that addictive taste. In the past we used to call it the sixth taste - the taste of freedom. We thought that this taste is a combination of a good dish with the fun feeling that fills us when we are on vacation. But we realized very quickly that even on vacation in Eilat or anywhere else, we could not find the desired taste.

We began the hard work to understand how to create those flavors that were deeply etched in our memory, but the job was extremely difficult and included hundreds of experiments, hours of reading professional material and watching content about American culinary culture. The process took us several years!! But in the end, we cracked the formula and created one dish, M-W-S-L-M-T !!

which combines all the best flavors of the classic American cheeseburger dishes. A dish that in one bite will fly you thousands of miles west through  all 50 states, and reflect to you the hundreds of hours spent to bring the American experience and turn it into a local experience, straight to you.
We have become masters of the craft in our fields, and today we are proud to be the first and only in Israel to sell the tastiest American smashburger   (cheeseburger with a thin patty) you will ever taste!

Where did the name "Simple" come from?

Our delicious cheeseburgers come by default with a minimal number of ingredients that have been carefully selected and matched to the other flavors of the dish. Such as: the cheddar cheese, pickles, thin onion slices and the addictive simple sauce we concocted. So each ingredient and its flavors have an important role in the power. We believe that a real and fine cheeseburger isn't big, monstrous and loaded with toppings. But one where you can feel every layer and layer of flavor. that fit perfectly with each other. Simple - "Simple". It can be held with five fingers or in other words, allows an extra hand free to hold a drinking glass, snack on chips or hold a phone and take a photo worthy of Instagram friends!

Do you have any further questions for us? Send us a message and we'll be happy to answer!


A local American experience awaits you!

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