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We operate in a pop-up format - which means we are not active every day.


We work with pre-orders only and self-pickup (we do not have the option of seating). When you can choose the pick-up time on the day we are active.

We always advertise on Instagram in advance the date on which we will operate, and also in advance before opening the booking system (which you will findon the orders page).

Since there is a limited number of dishes, it is advisable not to wait and order right away when the next pop is announced, before everything is snapped up. (And it was kidnapped!)
So, all you have to do is follow uson Instagramand/oron Facebookand be aware of posts and stories in which we update.

See you at the pop up!


השאירו פרטים

ככל שתפרטו יותר, ככה נוכל להתאים לכם את ההצעה בול למידות

תודה! ניצור איתכם קשר בהקדם

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